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Bark Workshop

14 January 2012 - Bark workshop with Maggie Smith

bark pouchesMaggie inspired us with a wonderful array of her own work made from various barks.  After a demo we were able to use a specialised cutting gadget which split the damp bark into fine strips. With these we endeavoured to make a slim plaited pouch.  For the afternoon session Maggie showed us how to create a bark pouch using a folding and stitching technique.

plaiting strips of barkThis proved to be a fun and versatile method of making.  Most members successfully produced a small piece.  A great day was had by all, ( the aroma of willow and other barks was intoxicating) and as a result we want do more bark-stripping.  Many thanks to Maggie for bringing along her own collection of pieces and sharing with us her expertise on creating containers with bark.

    weaving with bark  fold and stitch containers  Maggie's collection