What We Do

Tim Johnson's workshop 1-2 February 2014

TimJ1Tim brought along a wide & fascinating selection of plant materials, both in their raw state & after having been processed.   Many of these he had garnered from around the world.  With the aid of diagrams & demos we embarked on making variants on 2 & 3-ply cordage using whole rush, split rush rolled in the hands, & an extraordinary method with grass.
Next day we explored various possibilities with making 5 & 7 strand plaits. There was also a rare opportunity to boil up willow bark enabling us to strip the outer skin thus producing a malleable material that could be made into fine threads for cording. 
Other activities included constructing a "nest" out of assorted plaits & cords; making a frail-like bag; circular looping with hand-made cordage. 
Many thanks to Tim for a wonderful workshop full of creative possibilities & inspirational ideas.