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Open Hexagonal Plaiting with Linda Mowat - June 2014

Linda brought along a colourful & inspiring selection of pieces, including old animal muzzles, all constructed using open hexagonal plaiting.  She also showed us photos of traditional crafts people working with this method, as well as images of pieces by contemporary makers.  
 With the aid of diagrams she demonstrated how to get started on this attractive technique.  For materials we used plastic strapping, somband & chair cane.  

Linda showing an example

doing plaitingSome members chose to create triangular bowls while others opted for round or oval container shapes or totally enclosed forms.  We were all absorbed in the technique & by the end of the day most members had produced at least one piece.
A very enjoyable & successful time was had by all. A great many thanks to Linda for bringing her collection, her enthusiasm & her patient teaching.