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Summer Outing - July 2014

We had a splendid day at Jane & John's farm near Leamington Spa.  We looked round Jane's workroom, part of a converted barn with exposed rafters, where some of her basketry collection was displayed.  There was evidence of various craft activities - papier mache, tea bag embroidery, weaving, spinning, dying, knitting, mosaic with recycled shards. 
eating pizza
Jane showed us some of her baskets collected from various trips abroad, as well as some unusual pieces she  had made herself .
The creative part of the day was making,  building & baking our own individual pizza in a hand-built clay oven.  This was great fun & a new experience for most.
A huge thank you to Jane & John for their hospitality & making the outing a great success.
display of baskets  Wall hanging