What We Do

29 July 2018 - Rush Cutting

The river water level was quite low and the temperature very pleasant. We waded in and cut as low down as possible, then floated and passed the rush onto the team members on the bank.

After a mass cut (and picnic lunch) we tied the rush into bundles and brought it back to Iris's house and propped it up against a tall hedge to start drying.

One's swimwear collected an interesting array of river-life so a good shower before use of the swimming pool was advisable! We finished the afternoon with tea and some small project work done with pre-soaked last year's rush.

The bbq was cooked outside, but eaten inside because the wind was really quite strong. Everyone left after breakfast on Sunday as the weather was showery and we had enough rush cut for everyone's needs. Hats off to Margaret who took her bundle home on the train!rushcutting1