What We Do

10/11 February 2018 - Willow Harvesting at Little Hadham

There was a good turnout on both days of willing harvesters. The weather was rather bleak on Saturday, better on Sunday. We were very grateful to have the house annexe to make tea and coffee. Some of the willow is showing signs of disease, but the colours are still stunning. Hopefully everybody took home enough willow to satisfy needs and we should have collected a decent amount of money for the Alzheimer's Sociewillow2018cty.

2 February 2018 - Sue Kirk Borders Workshop

We had a great workshop with Sue Kirk on Friday - she is a really knowledgeable and a great tutor - she is unflappable and was able to handle all our different questions/needs.  The idea was to work on borders and to this end, Sue had brought lots of examples of different types of borders on round, square and oval baskets.  Most of us had brought either a base or a partially completed basket so most of us not only practised borders but also took home at least one completed basket.

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22 and 23 April 2017 - Arc baskets

Nadine started by giving us prepared frames of buff willow, & proceeded to show us how to attach a horizontal base with ear lashing.  This done, she went on to demonstrate attaching thick rush uprights with lark's head lashing .  After a few rows of pairing, a padded mould was inserted to create internal space.  Nadine encouraged us to experiment with weaving groups of stakes, reverse pairing, waling, & including other materials. The baskets were completed with a decorative trac border. All the group completed a successful piece.


4 February 2017 - Sculptural cane workshop

In preparation for this workshop Geraldine, Mel and Sally dyed the cane and cut the stakes. 

Polly did a great job demonstrating and getting everyone going. Most of the group found the cane wanted to go inwards more quickly than was desired, but others managed to control it better, and wove straight up or outwards.   Generally, the group felt comfortable to take the half finished sculptural pieces home to finish, but that they could also use an informal workshop to complete the shapes.


21 January 2017 - Boat shaped baskets

We had a large attendance for this workshop. Sally and Norma brought along examples of boat-shaped baskets.  There was plenty of colourful willow, dogwood, cane, sea grass, jute & raffia. Sally demonstrated the start by using cardboard pierced with holes to position the stakes into a boat shape.  After weaving the central section, she showed how to join the ends of the stakes using various binding techniques.  With the aid of handouts members constructed & completed a successful piece.

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