What We Do

Twining Workshop 6 February 2016 with Maggie Smith

Maggie brought along a range of different pieces made by twining.  There was a great variety of materials available for the group's use.  She demonstrated how to start twining using the "washing-line" technique, as well as other starting methods. Members worked in a variety of ways, using combinations of materials; they were inspired to experiment.   
twining4 twining3

9/10 May 2015 - Danish willow workshop

The group was privileged to have Danish basketmaker Anne-Mette Hjornholm to teach them for this weekend workshop.  She brought along samples of her willow frame baskets, & oval platters, some with random weave infill. Anne-Mette had pre-made various-sized hoops to be used for the basic frame structure. For hen baskets 3 hoops were required.  She showed the creative potential for this technique; the varied approaches opened up endless possibilities.  
Many thanks to Anne-Mette for making this workshop a hugely exciting & successful workshop.

28 March - Visit to Riverhouse exhibition

On Saturday we went to this fascinating exhibition at Riverhouse Arts Centre.  It proved to be a convivial and rewarding experience. There was great diversity of work on show by members of The Basketmakers Association.   Materials ranged widely; apart from the more traditional ones, they included paper, card, plastic, wire, bamboo, fabric, photographs, monofilament, antler, pine needles, raffia, lime bast, felt and found objects.  Dominating the exhibition space is a very large winged female figure hanging, as though flying, and made from willow. 


6 December 2014 - Informal decorative mats workshop

For our workshop on decorative mats we were lucky enough to have some lovely  buff & brown willow rods, plus some prepared willow bases. Thanks to Jane, Geraldine & Margaret.  Margaret brought along one of her mats with a Madeira border, which gave a  great effect.  She showed us how to create this  very wide & attractive border.  It is surprisingly easy to work & lies flat.
By the end of the day most members had completed a decorative mat, the patterns varying with different coloured willows or cane.
Our bring-and-share lunch was delicious, as always, with some creative fare.
Thanks to Margaret for her patient teaching & making the event so successful & enjoyable.

Foraging Day in Sussex July 2015

This was a more unusual type of workshop, with leader Ruby Taylor.  It involved gathering a variety of grasses & working outside in the woods.  Ruby brought along some previously dried grasses for the group to use.  An open-coiling technique was employed with hemp thread for the stitching. 
It seemed the group discovered the joys of using different types of grasses so readily available, & were inspired to do more with this material.
Many thanks to Ruby for making the day so successful & memorable.
02our grasses a
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