What We Do

10 September 2016 - Recycled materials workshop

 Everyone brought along some sort of recycled materials. Geraldine brought along a small shopper constructed from plaited fruit carton strips and demonstrated how to cut the long strips using a clever device attached to scissors.  Meanwhile, Sally brought along examples of a cylindrical container with a four-footed base; these were constructed using paper strips in a bias-plait. With the aid of her ready-cut strips & a handout, several members produced attractive results.  




2016Sept3 2016Sept4

29 May 2016 - Herts County Show

Exhibiting here was a new venture us.  We had a sizeable stand inside the "Worshipful Company of Basketmakers" large marquee and a demonstration table  just outside. There was a steady stream of visitors to the basketry tent.

Thanks to those members who participated & special thanks to Mel (chair) for organising this.




7-8 May 2016 - Willow animals

The group had a lovely weekend at Mill Green. Sue bought along a lot of different varieties of her home-grown willow. Although not obviously a ‘technical’ workshop, there was quite a lot of useful stuff to learn about things such as wraps and shaping. The staff at Mill Green treated us very well, and of course the sun shone!  There were successful outcomes all round - birds, containers & a pig. Many thanks to Sue for her encouragement & inspiration.

Summer16random2    Summer16random1  Summer16random4 Summer16random3

21 March 2016 - Willow workshop with Mary Butcher

We were pleased to welcome Mary Butcher on Saturday 21st March to Great Wymondley Village Hall for a members’ workshop.  The theme was oval bases and in particular the Polish basket base - a strong base the technique for which helps prevent skewing and produces a neat flat base.   The bases were also French randed.  The nine participants each completed at least two bases and some completed a small oval base with a track foot and track border.  As usual, a fun and productive day.

MB2016b MB2016d
MB2016c MB2016a

13-14 February - Willow harvesting

It was lovely to see Olivia and John again at their willow beds.  There was a great turnout for this year's harvest - eleven members and friends on Saturday and seven on Sunday.  Another plentiful harvest and some maintenance (more to be done) left the bed, devoid of willow, looking very neat and tidy.  
Most of the willow was taken by those who helped with the harvest and some has been put aside for use by Herts Basketry.  Donations made for willow taken totalled £130 which will, as in previous years, be donated to the Alzheimer's Society.